Vision & Mission

The school aims to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to producing leaders of the future in all fields

The institution which is envisaged to serve the humanity by providing patriot and cultured citizens for the country and the world, isa natural upshot of what the society has been doing till now, since the date of its inception. It is the vision of the Great Saint Swami Atulanand Ji Maharaj that has been our guiding light in our continuous efforts for excelling in the field of not only imparting education but providing education with value.

To fulfill the vision, this school provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential.The school should attract the best talent - students, teachers and facilitators - from all parts of India and the world, without distinction of race, religion, caste, or social status.

{Late ShriChandrashekharJi (Former Prime Minister of India) who was also Founder President of this Society, Late Miss PChatterjee, Founder Principal {Retd. Principal of L. T College, Gwalior), Swami Vishwadevanand Ji “Maharaj”, Mahamandleshwar, GovindMuth Trust, Professor L.N.Tripathi (Former Chairman, Higher Education Commission, Govt. of U.P.), Prof. Shiv Swarath Singh, a noted Gandhian,(Former Registrar of Gandhian Institute of Studies, Rajghat, Varanasi), Late Dr. Raj Singh, a renowned educationist (Former H.O.D. Chemistry, U.P. Autonomous College, Varanasi) and Smt. Wdya Singh {Former Lecturer Govt. Girls Inter College (Sociology) who received “Rajyapal Award” in 1995 for her excellence in education and extra curricular activities from Govt. of Uttar Pradesh] are few people who have contributed in formulation of this society and have ensured their commitment to the cause. The current Director of SantAtulanand Residential Academy Holapur Dr. Divya Singh is a Fulbright Scholar.