Vision & Mission

Our Vision
Preparing Tomorrow’s Citizens
We strive to provide our students with a comprehensive education that develops both mind and body while ensuring a safe and secure environment. We are committed to providing our students with the best possible learning for life to help them develop the skills required to be triumphant and responsible citizens of tomorrow.


  • To impart wholesome and holistic education to all the students.
  • To tap and bring out the innate talents of each student.
  • To create congenial environment in the class for the students to cherish their precious childhood throughout their life.
  • To identify the uniqueness of each student.
  • To help and guide each student to become a leader tomorrow.


  • Education is the noblest service under the sky.
  • To serve and lead the students the way God leads His children.
  • Every student is regarded as a child
  • Every teacher is regarded as an affectionate mother.
  • Every child in the hands of a teacher is like clay in the hands of a potter.
  • To help and guide each student to discover his/her potentials.
  • To identify the strength and weakness of each student and to provide the necessary assistance.
  • Every child is a genius by birth. It is the duty of a teacher to make him a complete human being
  • To impart character making education.
  • To instill high degree of self esteem and self confidence.



“Learn to Lead” is the motto of the school. The lighted torch and the open hand in the school logo indicate the effort and unflinching faith signifying that one should aim majestically in life and stick to the principles of life with utmost sincerity. The open book symbolizes knowledge and wisdom that is imparted to the students.