Primary Wings

"Ye blessèd creatures, I have heard the call

Ye to each other make; I see the heavens laugh with you in your jubilee."

                                                                                          - William Wordsworth

The innocence in the heydays of a child puts him closer to God. As the days pass, the naiveté loses its stream, turning the child away towards the worldlines. We don't want our kids to be deprived of their purity. Their cognitive self should be given the space to develop its faculty without the impact of outside forces. As young minds are susceptible to curiosity, it can easily be carried away with things that can hamper their progress. Our effort is to nurture the young minds with principles that can build them into ideal citizens of tomorrow.


Events for Primary Wing

  • Art Festival & Craft Mela
  • Talent Search
  • A Wiz National Spell Bee
  • Sports Day
  • Annual Function
  • Olympiads
  • Science (model) Exhibition
  • Social Work

Activities for Primary Wing

  1. Spell Well
  2. Quiz & Speech
  3. Music & Dance (Classical & Western)
  4. Skit (Environmental Awareness)
  5. Plantation
  6. Non-Fire Cooking
  7. Clay Modelling
  8. Collage (Incredible India)
  9. Story Enactment with Props
  10. Biographical sketch of Famous Indian Authors