Biology Lab

The school is equipped with a modular laboratory with modem facilities covering various branches of Siolotv like Microbiology. cell studies, Genetics, Environmental Science and so on. Well ventilated and natural light cat the .Spacious work areas accommodating about itudents at a time. Along the length of the hall there arc parallel granite platforms, work stools with regular water supply for experimentation. The lab proudly owns over 100 scientific charts, We specimens and models collectd over a span of several decades. These are labeled and well displayed in glass upboards and soft boards all along the walls surrounding the work stations. Sectional as well as high-defmition compound microscopes arc regularly used by the middle and senior school children to study microbes, cells tissues etc. in spotting analyses from the collection of permanent slides. Apart from the latest scientific equipment. there are smart boards for elective teaching. The faculty in charge may demonstrate any sort of practical in the display area. The laboratory stock includes various students' projects and innovative working and still scientific modular inventions. These are exhibited at the rear end of the laboratory showcasing the scientific aptitude and talent of our students. 

The entire setup is meticulously maintained and managed by highly experienced laboratory staff technicians .