Terms & Conditions

Instructions for Students
* All the students must follow the rules and regulations of the school and maintain discipline throughout their schooling.
* All students must carry their School Diary and Identity Card to school every day.
* Students, who come to school on their own, should arrive 5 minutes before the reporting time.
* Students, who come to school escorted, should never leave before the escort arrives. In case of any delay they should report to the school office.
* Students are allowed to use the school telephone only with the permission of the Class teacher.
* The school does not permit the celebration of birthdays in the school campus. Private birthday invitations should be mailed, rather than passed in class, unless the whole class is invited. Parents are allowed to send at the most, two ordinary sweets per child to be distributed on the child’s birthday. No other outside food is permitted.
* Use of appropriate language is expected at all times. Bullying, Ragging and Extortion are prohibited. Principal reserves the right to rusticate the child for any act of violence inside school campus.
* Students are expected to be polite with all the staff in campus.
* Electronics items like Discman, Walkman, iPod, Cell Phones are not permitted.
* Cash is not permitted and betting in any form is prohibited.
* There should be no distinction in terms of religion, caste, income group, region, colour, creed etc.
Dress and Appearance
* Students are expected to dress and behave in a manner appropriate to the guideline of the school and are required to be neat and clean in their general appearance.
* While on the school campus, or in school transport, all students must be in their designated school uniform.
* If for some reason a child is unable to wear his/her uniform, special permission needs to be taken from the class teacher.
* Students must wear polished black shoes. These should not have any fancy features.
* Hair must not be coloured, tinted or highlighted.
* Students are not allowed to wear ostentatious or expensive jewel, expensive watches, wristbands, chains and similar accessories.
To Parents
* The Diary has been introduced for you and the school staff to communicate effectively. It is essential that you go through your child’s almanac everyday.
* Do sign the remarks, if any, so that we know that you have read them. Please use the space provided in the diary whenever you wish to communicate with the teacher.
* You are encouraged to visit the school to discuss about the child’s performance with the concerned teacher in all PTMs or otherwise with prior appointment and confirmation.
Instructions Regarding Fee (Session 2022-23)
* Fee will be deposited from 22nd March 2022 to 15th April 2022(Quarterly –for April, May and June + ?1100/- as amenity charge) at the time of admission.
* Fee of first quarterly must be paid latest by 15th April 2022. Afterwards a late fine of ?10/-per day will be charged.
* From successive months, a late fine of ?10/-per day will be applicable after the due month of payment.
* After two months form due month, ? 500/- will be changed as Re – Admission Fee.
* To avail the transport facility, a student is liable to pay transportation fee for 12 months(April to March)
* Fee will be deposited only on working days in the school office from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
* Fee can be paid through Debit/credit Card(POS),in cash or through school App (Eduware Online Students)
Refund Policy
* If any student wishes to withdraw his admission, he/she must give an application within 7 days of admission. The amount of Fee refund will solely be the discretion of school authorities. After 7 days No refund can be claimed.